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More FM
Ardmore Helicopters continues to do a fantastic job, towing our massive MORE FM banner around Auckland. Nothing is ever a problem, and the team are brilliant to deal with... and super-serve our (often last-minute!) requests.
Our MORE FM banner is always a talking point amongst listeners and clients, and a very effective and unique 'billboard'. It is definitely noticed, and a worthwhile marketing tool.
Thank you Ardmore Helicopters - for helping us fly above the rest!!!!!
Sarah :-)

Business Development Manager


Hi Rachel,
Just wanted to say a massive thanks to you and the team for making our trip on Saturday so absolutely amazing we wont be forgetting it!
Appreciated your service, discretion and professionalism
Just awesome...and that Jen said yes was even better!

Feb 2013


Rating By: Isobel Arkwright
Review Date: 12/06/2013
The instructor was incredibly accommodating regarding our timings, and the weather, which we really appreciated. He ran through the workings of the helicopter, and outlined exactly where we would fly on the experience. During the flight , he was informative and put me at ease enough to allow me to take control several times. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the helicopter. Unfortunately, it ended too soon, as I could have stayed up in it all day! Thank you. 10/10

Rating By: Don Sanford
Review Date: 28/05/2013
The whole experience was fantastic. Very professional and made you feel relax. Instruction were clear and precise. Would do it again if I had the opportunity. 10/10

Rating By: Felicity Couper
Review Date: 14/05/2013
Instructor was awesome, very calm and easy going and extremely good at what he does. We had the perfect clear day, I loved every minute of it. Half an hours flying time was ideal for a beginner due to the concentration level required, and I would recommend this to anyone who has always wanted to fly a helicopter. 10/10

Rating By: AJ Hay
Review Date: 18/03/2013
This was a brilliant experience. The instructor was friendly, relaxed and informative, and the flight was better than I could have hoped. Perfect weather helped! But it was brilliant how involved I was, spending lots of time on the various controls with the re-assurance of the instructor beside me. It was challenging, thrilling and I was smiling for ages. Super keen to go again. 10/10

Rating By: Anna Spellman
Review Date: 14/01/2013
Lovely staff who fitted us in to the Xmas holiday period. The instructor was a lovely guy and it was a good half hour lesson. All really good, enjoyable, and would def recommend. 10/10

Rating By: Michelle Sullivan
Review Date: 24/12/2012
I was not expecting to have such an amazing experience - I had no idea I'd get to actually do so much flying, and even get a couple of chances to try hovering just a few feet off the ground! I was really nervous during the intro talk but up in the sky all my nerves fell away with an amazing instructor and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 10/10

Rating By: Derek van Beynen
Review Date: 12/08/2012
Absolutely awesome experience with a fantastic instructor. Would highly, highly recommend to others as a very special gift. 10/10

Rating By: Joanne Small
Review Date: 11/08/2012
My partner said it was a great experience, he can't help telling everybody about it! The instructor was a great guy and definitely knew his stuff. 10/10